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David Ambroz is an inspiring speaker dedicated to advocating for foster care, homeless youth, mental health, social justice and activism. As a keynote speaker, he has inspired and galvanized audiences in non-profit organizations, education, and public and private industry. He is managed by Hachette Speaker's Bureau. For booking information and press kit, see CONTACT page. 

National CASA

As the keynote for our national convening of more than 1000 professionals and volunteers from all walks of life and political persuasions, David’s remarks galvanized the room. His natural ability as a storyteller took our community on a vivid ‘journey.' A combination of vulnerability, humor and information was the perfect mix for us to achieve our goals as an organization. David worked with our team in advance to deeply understand those goals, and seamlessly wove those into his remarks. The response from our guests reflected the organization’s impression - he was a very highly rated speaker who inspired and informed our audience in a way that will greatly benefit the children and families they serve.  National CASA 


As a corporation, we sought a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker who could deliver a galvanizing message to hundreds of our employees from around the world - not merely to inspire them, but to forge a bond amongst them. David absolutely delivered that and more - in a word, he was amazing. In advance of our conference, he went above and beyond to work with our team to understand our organization and its strategic goals in order to hone his remarks and delivery to help our leadership team achieve their vision.  His speech was at once vulnerable & powerful - but also, importantly, directly linked to our goals for this group of global employees. For ninety minutes, David kept the audience enraptured. The feedback from our employees has been universally glowing.  

Nexus Health Systems

What can we say other than everyone loved his keynote!


Everyone kept coming up to us and telling us how moving and beautiful his story was. They kept complementing his interactions with the audience as well as how in depth he would answer questions during the Q&A portion. I enjoyed getting to know him and walk him around the venue, he’s a wonderful person and we look forward to hopefully working with him another time in the future.


Thank you to you and to David for making this the best experience for everyone.

-Christopher Valdez, Nexus Health Systems

Library Foundation of Los Angeles

David Ambroz's delivery galvanizes a room. As part of the Los Angeles Public Library’s distinguished ALOUD series, David sat down with LA Mayor Karen Bass to talk about real solutions to problems like homelessness before a large live and virtual audience. He speaks with heart, compassion and vulnerability. Throughout his remarks, pulling in the audience with authenticity all the while inspiring folks to action. His deeply informed vision is hard won but is a beacon of light guiding the way through the complicated maze of homelessness. He gives us hope and direction - paving a collective way forward for a better world for us all. 

Voices for CASA Children

CASA volunteers and guests were absolutely spellbound and inspired by David's profound life story. We received numerous messages from CASAs about how their resolve and commitment to youth was further strengthened through David's powerful message of truth and hope.

Youth Services

Douglas County, Colorado

I recently attended a large convening where David Ambroz was the keynote speaker.  The entire audience were impressed by his storytelling, his warmth, and his humor.  David ‘s heartbreaking childhood, and his willingness to share his personal journey, is at once horrifying and inspirational told through his skillful and engaging speaking.  His story is for all to hear.  We need to know everything our most vulnerable children go through.  And, though his story is hard to hear, and brings one to tears, his passion, and his words, get you through.   David’s call to action needs to be shared, so we all know how we can be part of the change that he asks of us. His was one of the best talks we’ve had.

Tacoma Reads

David was gracious, gregarious, and generous. He was brilliant onstage with Tacoma Mayor Woodards and they had a great conversation. Everyone had a great time!

Colorado Office of the Child's Representative

With over three hundred legal professionals, David not only commanded the room with a 90-minute keynote, but also brought the crowd to tears and channeled their emotions into action.

Using his memoir as a vehicle, his storytelling was riveting and consistently kept our attendees on the edge of their seats. We were moved and deeply informed about his policy vision and prescription for real change. David was a wildly popular speaker for our organization.  David took the time to work with our staff, understand the goals of the event, and conduct a deep dive on the audience. He worked with us to refine his remarks, and as a result, we highly recommend David as a keynote speaker.

-Chris Henderson, Executive Director, Colorado Office of the Child 

Health Impact NYC

David was our speaker at our HealthImpact health conference and was simply outstanding. He delivered a gripping message that resonated with our audience, and worked closely with our staff to ensure that his presentation contributed to achieving our conference goals. The audience of private hospital and health care companies, as well as our public agency partners equally agreed that David was the highlight of our convening.  Using humor and vulnerability, he was able to adapt his message to communicate readily to a diverse audience.  We look forward to working with him again in the future! 

National Association of Counsel for Children


David's keynote was a highlight of our 2023 national conference. Combining authenticity, wit, and deep subject matter expertise - David captivated the 650 guests (judges, attorneys, legislators, and advocates) with his remarks, and his memoir, A Place Called Home - and then, he engaged attendees in robust discussion. Working in advance with the conference team, David understood and helped NACC achieve our organizational goals with attendees to promote excellence, build community, and advance justice in child welfare law and practice.


-Kim Dvorchak, JD, Executive Director

Grossmont College

Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Care Education Program

Saturday went amazing! Very fortunate and grateful to have gotten David Ambroz to kick off & keynote the return of our Super Saturday Conference since 2019, an event for Resource Families caring for children from child protective services in San Diego County! He was remarkable and everyone really appreciated him and his story. He was warm, uplifting and during book signing engaged with every participant/family. We credit David for helping set the tone for the rest of the event.  

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